About us


Monitoring group Ulcinj, MogUL was initially formed in 2004 as a coalition of 5 local NGOs: PAX, New Horizon, UBA, Aurora and SOS Telephone Ulcinj.  The very first aim of the coalition was to encourage, support and monitor the implementation of Law in the sector of usage of public spaces.

The organization was registered in 2005 as the NGO MogUL  when it started with the implementation of projects regarding the monitoring of strategies and management of the coastal resources.

The vision

The vision of the organization is establishing an active civic society based on principles of democracy, rule of law and respect of human and minority rights.

The mission

The mission of the organization is to engage in achieving a democratic and open society based on rule of law, where the local community will be included in the processes of planning and valorization of the development resources based  on postulates of environment protection and sustainable development.


The aims of the organization are:

  1. Raising citizens’ awareness in influencing the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the state administration and other public institutions.
  2. Inclusion of citizens in the planning and decision making processes regarding the development of the local community
  3. Fighting corruption in all its forms
  4. Promotion of democracy and values of the civic sector
  5. Affirmation of lifelong education and informal education


Since its begining Monitoring Group Ulcinj-Mogul was suported by several donors:

  • Delegation of the Europian Union to Montenegro
  • Embassy of the United States-Podgorica
  • UNDP-Montenegro
  • Municipality of Ulcinj
  • Ministry for Human and Minority Rights Protection
  • Criminal Justice Civil Society Program (CJCSP)
  • Centre for Civil Education (CGO)
  • Fund for Active Citizenship (Fact)
  • Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society
  • Komisija za raspodjelu prihoda od igara na srecu



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